The association training and supporting « Determined »

« Les Déterminés » (The Determined) is a social-business (non-profit status) which primarily provides training and support in entrepreneurship and networking for youth aged 18 to 35 from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Our goal: to develop entrepreneurship through a positive and proactive mindset by training a new generation of entrepreneurs from priority neighborhoods.
The 6-month program consists of six weeks of training in entrepreneurship (envy, posture, necessary knowledge – called phase 1) and a follow-up of 4 months and half composed of experts meetings, consulting sessions and coaching (phase 2).
By placing the future local non-profit partner at the heart of the project, we want to ensure an optimal match between our ambition and the characteristics of the territory where the training is organized.
Until now, the association has trained and supported 31 Determined (15 women and 16 men) with the desire to undertake and launch their activities. After a third training program near Paris starting in October 2016, the program will be exported outside of Ile-de-France in 2017.

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