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Many African and pan-African medias have already relayed the preparation of the second edition of the LAB. Those articles deal with the ambition of those five days dedicated to Africa and the objective of the African Rethink Awards (ARA). This media coverage underlines the interest generated by the second edition of the LAB event.

  • Eric Bazin was the guest of Annick N’Guessan on the show Politiqu’éco of OM5TV : « The Land of African Business, young startups accelerator ».
  • Catherine Dernis, Strategic Director of the LAB, was live on South-African Chanel Africa for the show « Change your game » to share about the African Rethink Awards.
  • Jeune Afrique recalls in its article the registration procedures, mentions “the support for the candidates and the winners” and also underlines that “this support will go further for the winning projects”.
  • Entrepreneurs en Afrique notes that the “first edition in December 2015 was a success” and recalls the objective of the trophies presented to the winners: “valuing the startups aiming to answer in an effective way to the current issues regarding societal, economic, social and environmental mutations”.
  • Financial Afrik, in its article of 11 July sets out the diversity of the partners of the LAB that enables it to “establish a perennial platform to provide to the startups an ecosystem”. The newspaper cite the different services that will be available to the young companies : “juridical, accounting and management, support in the search of investors, training, coaching, marketing, communication, and a mentorship program”.
  • Info Afrique and Bel Afrik Média in their long article dedicated to the African Rethink Awards quotes the founder of the Land of African Business, Eric Bazin who stresses the importance for the investors to change their vision about Africa : “we have to turn to the investors and to invite them to not consider Africa anymore throughout their own mirror”. The medias also describes the event as “the privileged place for the African entrepreneurs and investors to get together”.
  • Diaspotv, in its article relaying the call for candidates recalls the three objectives of the ARA : “1. Supporting the initiatives that answers effectively to the issues of the African mutations. 2. Promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. 3. Highlighting the promising projects to attract the financial support they need.”
  • L’Essentiel explains the objectives of the 4 trophies : “to offer a financial support, enhance their international visibility and foster network opportunities”.
  • Journal du Mali, relayed the launch of the ARA in its news flash of 14 July by mentioning the competition vocation: “to promote economic and social development of the African continent”.
  • Business Ghana points out the registration procedures and the different prizes and underlines the participating startups benefits : “they will introduce their business model, will meet partners and investors, and will benefit from networking opportunities et international visibility”.
  • Innov8tiv announces some of the recent partnerships that the LAB signed “Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN), MEDEF IIe-de-France, Innogence Pulse, ADN Factory and LABS-NS Lawyers that will provide to the winning startups the necessary support to the development of their activity in Africa”.
  • Disrupt Africa recalls that the ambition of the African Rethink Awards is to “identify, analyze, promote and support financially African entrepreneurs throughout prizes”.
  • Startup365 mentions the different prizes and the fact that “the selected candidates to the ARA will be take over by the LAB for their accommodation and transport expenses”.
  • Challenges radio underlines the multitude of the partners of the LAB thus providing “a perennial platform to make available to the startups an ecosystem that will enable them to access juridical, accounting, management, support in the search of investors, training, coaching, marketing and communication, and a mentorship program”.
  • African Business Insider describes the ARA as a “place where African entrepreneurs and foreign investors get together”.
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