Baby Lab

baby labFree digital manufacturing, free software and collaborative works … three expressions to describe the Ivorian community of Baby Lab which today has about fifty members. It is the first Ivorian Fab Lab (Laboratory of Manufacture) in the world directory of the foundation The Fab Foundation of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Baby is the nickname of the city of Abidjan in the Ivorian jargon. The space is open to all and located in the popular Abobo commune of the Ivorian economic capital, Abidjan. The community was founded in September 2014 by a dozen friends, mostly computer scientists. For Baby Lab, social entrepreneurship is the best policy to take into account people living in so-called disadvantaged areas, with limited access to training and information, with a high level of poverty. The Fab Lab Baby Lab wants through technologies to make a social transformation in a vision of popular education. The Baby Lab focuses its development in electronic waste recycling activities, training of under-16s in computer code, electronics and robotics, business sponsorship, social innovation project management for organizations. ..

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