The Workshops

Workshop 1 hosted by Guiako OBIN – BABY-LAB

CCI CI from 15.45 to 16.45 and from 17.00 to 18.00 Salle Rouge

“Impact of start-ups on the territory”

Faced with the major and complex challenges at the heart of our territories, the development of tomorrow’s solutions will involve the mobilization of everyone and the capacity of actors from all “universes” (entrepreneurship, social and solidarity economy, public employment service, green business, SMEs and large companies, etc.) to invent together new answers to old problems. We are convinced that there is a pool of ingenuous entrepreneurial projects serving the territories, capable of creating more economic, social and environmental wealth. This workshop aims to get entrepreneurs to produce open data around their solution as they progress.

Workshop 2 hosted by Gala PARICHEVA – OOLITH

Hôtel SEEN from 15.45 to 16.45 and from 17.00 to 18.00

Intellectual property: accelerating and securing the growth of a start-up.

The start-up looking for partners or investors is often led to disclose an idea or an innovative concept. This can make her fragile, especially when working with large groups with extensive experience in the field and dedicated teams. It is therefore essential to define the rules of the game in a trust pact, by prioritizing intellectual property issues at the same level as funding or cooperation issues. In addition, an interested partner wants to identify and invest in an innovative start-up if it has protected the technology that interests it. During this stage, the project owner or the founder must provide proof of the prior art and the authorship of his innovation in order to limit the risk of spoliation.

Workshop 3 hosted by Philippe BATREAU – EPISTROPHE

Hôtel SEEN from 15.45 to 16.45 and from 17.00 to 18.00

The digital tools of the entrepreneur, from the website to the social marketing.

What should be the first steps on Internet for the business creator?
How to make a difference? Which domain name to choose? Should he make his website? Where to create your email address? Is it necessary to create an account on networks and social media?The creator of a company has some choices to make, which is proposed to explore this workshop based on the sharing of experience.

Workshop 4 hosted by Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE – BRVM

BRVM from 15.45 to 16.45 and from 17.00 to 18.00

IPO: an interesting alternative for financing start-ups

Start-ups are companies whose forms of financing are many and changing as they evolve, and which have the particularity of having little equity. If they rely first on personal financing, and in the immediate circle, financing needs increase as their growth grows and capital is scarce. The capital raising permitted by an IPO must be integrated into the long-term financing strategy of any company because it has many assets: notoriety, valuation, transparency, etc. Start-ups should already look to the future as future classic companies in their sectors of activity and the stock market must be taken into account during the scaling-up process of many young companies.

Workshop 5 hosted by Hermann Christian KOUASSI – Incub’ivoir

Société Générale to 15.45 from 16.45 and to 17.00 from 18.00

Economic intelligence at a start-up scale

To this day, innovation and foresight are key factors in a start-up success. To control one’s economic environment and source of information is a tool for the anticipation and strategic positioning of any company wishing to be competitive. How is it possible to be one step ahead of the competition? How can one stay resourceful and ensure customer satisfaction? These are as many questions that our start-ups should ask themselves in order to reach a better understanding of the market as well as to produce innovating solutions. This workshop aims at giving notions of economic intelligence and to know the different types of monitoring that start-up can implement

Workshop 6 hosted by Paul GINIES ERANOVE – Director of the CIE Electricity Professions Center

The evolution of the African energy ecosystem source of opportunities

Energy is a big issue for Africa. Without electricity no development. Yet access to electricity remains low and almost zero in much of the rural world. Renewable energies are presented as a panacea. Their development, still too slow, motivates adapted solutions by integrating them in the centralized systems (grid) but also by developing their use in off-grid. This debate on the diversification of energy sources and the use of cleaner energies, however, should not obscure another challenge that is that of performance and energy efficiency. Facilitating access is also finding solutions to lower the threshold and limit the cost by controlling consumption. Today, digital technology will impact the entire value chain and make innovative and potentially innovative solutions across the value chain possible to collect, analyze, optimize, define and calibrate the use of technologies. news … so many opportunities to create start-ups and companies.

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